ECL today is one of the leading suppliers of Castor seeds and Castor oil across the western part of India. The company also enjoys a leadership position in export to the countries like China, Thailand, Russia and certain parts of Europe.

ECL is a name synonymous with quality Castor oil seed and castor oil production. Originally Incorporated as “Ahmadabad GasesLtd”, ECL has its registered office at Rajkot, The financial and business capital of Saurashtra. The corporate office is located at Bhuj, The nerve centre of Kutch.

Under ECL the business has seen rapid expansion with its foray into the modern production and warehousing facility for Castor seeds and Castor oil. Substantial investment in technology,supply chain management and quality control has put ECL in the map of elite supplier of quality castor oil and its derivatives.

Under the aegis of ECLs Chairman Mr. Jayesh Madiyar, The Company is experiencing a rapid growth trajectory. Mr. Jayesh Madiyar with his unique style of leadership is leading the company into an exciting phase of diversification and the next level of growth.

The innovative and aggressive steps taken to augment the business and market share are:

ECL has approached farmers of Kutch region for contract farming of castor seeds and has ensured predictable and quality supply
Company has also approached and tied up with leading scientist, who has developed hybrid castor seed which, can deliver an oil content of up to 49%
ECL has also decided to venture into a very potential field of warehousing and logistics. The work is already in the advance stage and shall become operational in the near future
ECL is planning to enter into one of the most profitable field of cashew nut processing. The company is planning to establish India’s largest cashew nut processing plant and cnsl (cashew nut shell liquid) plant
Human resource is the differentiating strength in today world. company has invested substantially in developing ,training and retaining quality manpower to head its strategic and growth oriented businesses
Overall, ECL today is poised to take advantage of its strategic location, business expertise and able leadership to chart out an extraordinary growth trajectory while creating value for the business and each stake holder.